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Fridgewize Commercial Refrigeration Retrofitting
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Our Products Save Energy

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EC Motors

Q Blades

Anti-Sweat Heater Controls

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FridgeWize Q-Blade: The World’s Most Energy Efficient Motor Fan Blades:

Multi-Award Winning Carbon Fiber Fan Blade

EC_MotorFridgeWize Electronically Commutated Motors:

The Most Reliable and Energy Efficient Motor on the Market


KE2FridgeWize KE2 Smart Thermostat

Manages the Temperature and Humidity of Sensitive Product Inventory for Walk-In Freezers and Coolers


MT_AntiSweat_Heat_ControllerFridgeWize Anti-Sweat Heater Control Models MT & LT:

For Optimal Energy Savings on Your Medium and Low Temp Glass Displays Doors



LED_and_SensorFridgeWize Walk-in Refrigerator LED Lights & Sensors:

Minimizes On-Times and Increases Product Visibility


FridgeWize Night Curtain:

The Only NSF Approved Night Curtain in the Industry


Proudly Serving Clients Across the Globe

Customer Benefits

Free Energy Audit

FridgeWize has a nationwide agent network that will provide a free energy audit upon request.

Quality Service

We provide superior, quality service with our FridgeWize in-house installation retrofit teams.

Quick Payback Period

FridgeWize products have a quick payback period that is always within 2 years.

Comprehensive Warranty

All FridgeWize products come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Energy Rebates

We process and file energy rebates to save all FridgeWize clients maximum dollar savings.

Quantifiable Savings

FridgeWize products are 100% tested, proven and have quantifiable savings.