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Anti-Sweat Heater Controls


Realize dramatic energy savings in your reach-in refrigeration systems with the FridgeWize Anti-Sweat Heater Controls (ASHC). The built-in programmed maintenance cycle (PMC) technology assures that all display cases remain sweat, frost and ice free. Random-start technology assures that the PMC will cycle at different times on different cases even if there is a loss of power, which is what allows FridgeWize ASHC to save significantly more energy than all other competitors.

  • Type of service: 110 VAC
  • Input: 110 VAC; 50-60Hz
  • Output: 110 VAC; 16 A resistive
  • Length: 5.64” (14.3cm)
  • Width: 3.26” (8.3cm)
  • Depth: 1.91” (8.4.8cm)
  • Weight: 11oz
  • Enclosure: POLYAC ABS PA-765
  • Operating Temp: -54ºF to 194ºF
  • Supply Cord: 12 AWG, 4 Conductor; Type SOOW 600V; 900 UL/CSA
  • Color Code
    • Black – Line
    • Red – Discreet Output
    • White – Neutral/Line
    • Green – Ground
  • Mid-temperature range (MT) and low-temperature range (LT) controllers available
  • Built-in programmed maintenance cycle (PMC) technology
  • Selective heater activation only when condensations level reach a specific threshold
  • MT controls utilize digital moisture sensors that activate upon threat of moisture
  • LT controls utilize two-channel technology that operates doors independently from the frame and mullion heaters
  • Precise placements of sensors assure proper heat control
  • Display cases remain sweat, frost and ice free
  • Easy to install into existing display cases and walk-ins without additional wiring
  • Maximize energy savings up to 80%
  • Materials and components exceed UL and ULC standards
  • Limited one-year replacement warranty
  • Widely accepted where energy efficiency rebates are available