Energy Saving Benefits - Fridgewize
FridgeWize provides valuable energy saving benefits that are quantifiable and have proven return on investment.
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FridgeWize provides energy saving benefits including a free energy consultation that quantifies the savings you will receive when you retrofit your commercial refrigeration systems.


The first step we take for this energy saving benefit is to complete a comprehensive energy assessment of your refrigeration system. Our proprietary energy audit is fully automated and is based on years of meticulous research and field-testing. Dedication and hard work have allowed us to accurately and reliably quantify the energy savings that our product line will provide you. Once the audit is complete, your FridgeWize representative will explain the results of this beneficial energy assessment and the recommended products that will be installed.


The energy saving benefits of the technologies installed by FridgeWize have an average payback period of less than 24 months! Furthermore, your utility company may provide rebates—which reduce the cost of the project, and shorten your payback period. FridgeWize researches applicable rebates, assists in processing the paperwork and under certain circumstances, collects the rebate on behalf of the customer—at no additional charge.

  1. We exchange inefficient shaded pole motors in walk-in coolers and freezer systems with advanced two-speed electronically commutated (EC) motors. EC motors run 80% more efficiently than shaded pole motors.
  2. We complement our walk-in EC motors with fan speed controllers. The controls communicate with the motors to cycle from the high RPM cycle to the low RPM cycle, optimizing the energy efficiency in your refrigeration system.
  3. We exchange shaded pole motors in reach-in coolers and freezers and replace them with new EC motors.
  4. We install Anti-Sweat heater controllers on glass door display cases. These controls save energy by regulating Anti-Sweat Heat Strips, turning them on only when necessary.
  5. We install NSF-approved night curtains, which serve as cool air insulators and reduce the electricity usage by open case refrigerators and freezers.
  6. We replace obsolete light bulbs in display coolers and freezers with new energy efficient LEDs.

Commercial Electricity Map

USA Commercial Electricity Rate Map

Depending on where you live in the US, your commercial electricity rates for KWH (Kilowatt Hours) will vary. Below is a map from the US Energy Information Administration that shows the 2016 average KWH rates compared to 2015 for each state throughout the country.

FridgeWize provides free energy audits, with proposals taking into account the specific KWH rates specific for the customer to provide accurate payback periods and saving projections. FridgeWize sees proven return on investment for clients in a 6 month – 24 month payback period, where savings have been recorded to exceed one million dollars per year in larger operations.