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Commercial Refrigeration EC Motors

Arktic59 Walk-In EC Motors

Arktic59 Walk-In EC Motors are used in the evaporators of commercial walk-in coolers and freezers. With peak efficiencies of approximately 66%, they can be used in any air-moving application that demands high efficiency and dependability. All ratings have UL certification (E258064) and are designed for a useful life of 83,720 hours.

  • Energy efficient ECM technology
  • Automatic torque variation
  • Shaft: Single. 5/16” single shaft with single flat is standard
  • Mounting: Standard 1/2”- #10-32 studs on shaft end
  • (2-13/16” bolt circle) and 1/2” – #10-32 studs on the opposite shaft end (2-13/16” bolt circle)
  • Power cord with straight, 2-pin Lyall plug
  • Temp Ranges
  • Operating temp: -40˚C to +25˚C ambient
  • Storage temp: -40˚C to +80˚C ambient
  • Low power consumption
  • Constant rotational speed for functional consistency
  • Wide array of application compatibility
  • Drop-in replacement for existing shaded pole and PSC evaporative cooler motors
  • Maximum energy cost savings up to 70%
  • Can achieve savings upwards of 85%
  • Additional heat reduction than old Shaded Pole and PSC motors
  • Industry standard one-year limited warranty
  • Widely accepted where energy efficiency rebates are available

Reach-In Case Motors

FridgeWize’s unit bearing reach-in motor, the Kryo SSC, is used primarily in commercial refrigeration evaporators, with peak efficiencies 3-times higher than shaded pole motors and 45% higher than PSC motors. These motors can be used in many other applications requiring market-leading efficiency and reliability. The Kryo SSC unit bearing motor provides the most reliable and best energy savings solution available today and are available with mounting brackets, fan blades, and fan assembly hardware.

  • Energy Efficient ECM
  • Automatic Torque Variation
  • Shaft diameter of 1/4” x 20 thread
  • Temp Range For All Ratings: -40C to +55C (Operating), -40C To +80C (Storage)
  • All ratings come standard with a 24” lead length
  • Low-power consumption for maximum efficiency
  • Constant rotational speed for functional consistency
  • No water intrusion during pressurized equipment wash down/sanitation
  • Can be used in applications with flammable refrigerants
  • All Ratings Have CE, UL, & IP65 Certification
  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • ATEX Certified to EN60079
  • Industry standard limited warranty