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Fan Efficiency Grades

Fan Efficiency Grades

Q-Blade Scores With Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

New fan efficiency grades are available! The importance of those grades is abundantly clear: you can SAVE money.

The internationally recognized Air Movement Control Association says, “it has become clear that fan system design improvements and higher efficiency fans could have substantially reduced HVAC energy use in commercial and industrial buildings.

A fan efficiency grade is a way to quantify a fan’s ability to take their aerodynamic ability to convert mechanical power to air power. It has become easy for engineers to differentiate fan models. FridgeWize has spent years studying the design, weight, implementation, length of use, and cost to deploy.

International attention has caused interest in studying energy consumption and environmental impact of fan blades. We have poured over numerous products, but finally decided to create our own, coming up with our now award-winning Q-Blade. Partnering with one of the most respected fan developers in the industry to create our design, we used materials which have unparalleled efficiency.

Our development partner Bob Walker highlighted the bigger impact of our blade, “I have spent my professional career developing products which not only reduce a company’s carbon footprint, but also saves money. This latest fan will be a staple in the oil and gas industry due to our focus on creativity and savings.

FridgeWize's award-winning Q-Blade for energy efficiency

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