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Night Curtains


FridgeWize Night Curtains are a simple and cost effective method to save energy. By simply pulling the cover over your open-air merchandiser applications during non-operating hours, you can realize up to 35% energy savings. The night curtains prevent the displacement of chilled air outside of the case, which reduces the energy usage required to maintain case temperature – extending the shelf life of merchandise. Most importantly, FridgeWize Night Curtains are cost effective with payback periods averaging less than 12 months.

  • Fabric drop bling 2120mm; a low emissivity aluminized polyethylene, polyester and HDPE cross weave fabric; silver one side, grey one side; available in non-perforated to suit climate conditions
  • Total weight: approx 209g/m sq mtr; En 22 286
  • Tensile strength: MD 600N/50 mm; Din53 354
    CD 600 N/50mm; Din53 354
  • Elongation: MD 30%; Din53 354
    CD 15%; Din53 354
  • Tear Strength: MD 150N; Din53 534
    CD 200N; Din53 354
  • Puncture dia 3.00mm: 125mJ (from silver side, speed 100mm/min); prEN 14 477
  • Emissivity: grey side 0,71 ASTMC 1341-04A
    silver side 0,59 ASTMC 1341-04A
  • End brackets: powder coated metal
  • Spring unit: industrial quality with 1.4mm gauge coated spring steel
  • Braking system: Oil-free hermetically sealed, food safe with thumb wheel retraction adjustment
  • Handles: high quality, impact resistant polymers
  • Bottom pocket: machines with thread and retained in aluminum extrusion by means of plastic extrude rod
  • The most durable night curtain in the industry
  • Retraction tensions adjustment and an upper limit stop.
  • OEM (no aluminum cover) or Cassette (aluminum cover)
  • Custom lengths and colors available, as well as screen-printing on the cover material
  • No-Fray material is UL 94 rated
  • Reduces operating costs up to 35% for every hour the cover is utilized
  • Maximizes energy efficiency
  • High-quality materials ensure product longevity
  • Includes industry standard limited one-year warranty
  • Widely accepted for energy efficiency rebates where available