National Hotel Chain - Fridgewize
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National Hotel Chain

FridgeWize engaged a national hotel chain to analyze their refrigeration system and provide energy reduction solutions.


Testing was performed to validate the energy savings projected by FridgeWize in the initial energy audit proposal. Independent energy monitoring devices were installed to measure the impact of FridgeWize products on one walk in cooler of the hotel’s refrigeration system. The Energy monitoring lasted for eight weeks. The first two weeks were used to establish a baseline for the existing energy consumption of the refrigeration system.


This case study details the results obtained from the energy-monitoring project. The results show FridgeWize energy solutions effectively reduced aggregate refrigeration energy consumption by 68%, including an 89% reduction in motor consumption.


Issues Identified:

• Walk-in refrigeration unit contained 3 inefficient shaded pole motors operating constantly 365 days a year

• Fans operate as single speed of 1800 RPM

Solutions Implemented:

• Exchange 3 current walk-in motors from inefficient shaded pole motors to highly efficient FridgeWize EC motors.

• Reduced fan speed when compressor is off to approximately 800 RPM with FridgeWize fan controller.



FridgeWize is proud to report the savings results achieved with energy monitoring were well above the projected savings. In the initial proposal the projected amount of saving was 4,536 kWh annual, which translates to a $362.89 annual savings, based on 8 cents per KWH rate. According to the energy monitoring study, Hotel should expect to save 4,492 kWh annually or $359.36 savings on their utility bill.


This report illustrates that FridgeWize offers refrigeration energy solutions that will drastically reduce their customer’s monthly utility expense. FridgeWize reduced total refrigeration system consumption from 128.4 kWh per week to 41.0 kWh per week. That represents a total reduction of 68% reduction in refrigeration electricity usage!



FridgeWize Motor Retrofit

The figure below represents energy consumption by inefficient motors compared to FridgeWize EC Motors. The image displayed is a visual reference of the decrease in kWh when FridgeWIze EC Motors and Fan Controllers are installed.