Ricky's Citgo - Fridgewize
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Ricky’s Citgo


Annual Dollar Savings: $1,178.67
Annual Energy Savings: 14,733.37 kWh


Ricky’s Citgo engaged FridgeWize to thoroughly analyze their refrigeration system and provide solutions that would drastically reduce the system’s energy usage.


Ricky’s Citgo requested testing to be done to prove the accuracy of the energy savings projected by FridgeWize in their free audit proposal. FridgeWize obliged by installing independent energy monitoring devices to measure the impact of FridgeWize products on Ricky’s Citgo refrigeration system. Energy monitoring lasted for three weeks. The first week was used to establish a baseline for the existing energy consumption of the refrigeration system.


This case study details the results obtained from the energy-monitoring project. The results show that FridgeWize energy solutions effectively reduced aggregate refrigeration energy consumption by 52%, including a 66% reduction in motor consumption and an 87% reduction in anti-sweat heater consumption.


Issues Identified:

• Walk-in refrigeration unit contained inefficient shaded pole motors operating constantly at a single speed

• Anti-sweat heaters were operating at an unnecessary operating percentage of 100%

Solutions Implemented:

• Exchange all current walk-in motors from inefficient shaded pole motors to highly efficient FridgeWize EC motors.

• Turn off anti-sweat heaters in frozen door reach-ins when heating is not required by installing FridgeWize Anti-Sweat Heater Controls (ASHC)



FridgeWize is proud to report that their actual savings came in nine percent OVER projected savings as reported by energy monitoring. In our proposal for Ricky’s Citgo we projected that we would save 13,285 kWh annual, which translates to a $1,062.87 annual savings on their utility bill. According to the energy monitoring study, Ricky’s Citgo should expect to save 14,733.37 kWh annually or $1,178.67 savings on their utility bill.


This report illustrates that FridgeWize offers refrigeration energy solutions that will drastically reduce their customer’s monthly utility expense. FridgeWize reduced total refrigeration system consumption from 76.71 kWh per day to 36.35 kWh per day. That represents a total reduction of 52.6% reduction in refrigeration electricity usage!



FridgeWize Motor Retrofit:

The figure below represents energy consumption by inefficient motors compared to FridgeWize EC motors. The image was displayed by E-Gauge energy monitoring between September 6th and September 25th of 2012.



FridgeWize ASHC Installation:

The figure below illustrated energy consumption by Anti-Sweat Heaters before and after FridgeWize Anti-Sweat Heater Controls were installed. The image was displayed by E-Gauge energy monitoring between September 6th and September 25th of 2012.