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FridgeWize Product Innovation: Carbon Fiber Blade

FridgeWize Product Innovation: Carbon Fiber Blade

Carbon Fiber Fan Blades: The Latest Innovation Changing the Energy Industry

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney once said. Walt Disney grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, newly home to FridgeWize’s headquarters. Missouri is know as the “Show Me State,” and at FridgeWize we dream, we have courage, and we want to show you …we can, and we will deliver on innovation, as our award winning carbon fiber fan blade has and will continue to prove.

We never stop at acceptable, we want the best. When our competition attempts to catch up, we are committed to moving the needle forward. Our team is composed of highly motivated engineers and top innovators in the industry. When other engineers call, we answer. We do not rest on our laurels. We want our customers to know they have the most efficient and innovative technology in the industry.

Our latest innovation at FridgeWize has been a large carbon fiber fan blade, which will change the energy industry. Juan Grobler, Executive Vice President, stated “We have spent years researching a fan blade which will deliver amazing energy savings. Our demonstrated results with the Q-Blade have worked in multiple applications. Now, we have applied our proven technology to larger applications for a much greater impact.

fridgewize rooftop carbon fiber blade

FridgeWize has engineered and developed the world’s most energy efficient motor fan blades that have been setting multiple new industry standards and winning international awards. Not only are these blades built to be stronger than anything on the market today, they are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption. Their lightweight compound will flex, but always conform back to its original position. Aluminum blades are known to bend easily; therefore, becoming unbalanced. An unbalanced blade will result in increased noise level and higher energy consumption, making our Q Blade the perfect innovation for energy efficiency.

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