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Fridgewize Products

FridgeWize EC Motors

EC motors contain a permanent magnet rotor along with an electronic control, which is typically 20-50% more efficient than a standard efficiency motor. EC Motors are more efficient due to the internal microprocessor and memory, which allow for variability and control capabilities. EC motors are used in typical applications where the savings can be accomplished by matching the output of the motor in single phase applications up to 3 HP.ed applications.


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FridgeWize Q Blades

FridgeWize has engineered and developed the world’s most energy efficient motor fan blades. This new combination of the FridgeWize EC Motors with carbon fiber fan blades has set new industry standards in efficiency. Not only are these blades built to be stronger than anything on the market today, they are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption. This translates to dollar savings on your monthly utility bill as well as the benefit of a more durable, long lasting product.


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FridgeWize KE2 Smart Thermostat

The KE2 Smart Thermostat is an energy saving refrigeration controller for walk-in freezers and coolers, with remote monitoring and diagnostics. Recent field tests have shown more than 20% energy savings when the KE2 Smart Thermostat is used on a refrigeration system that is currently operating efficiently. The KE2 can be installed for new equipment or upgrade of existing refrigeration equipment.


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Anti-Sweat Heater Controls

Realize dramatic energy savings in your reach-in refrigeration systems with the FridgeWize Anti-Sweat Heater Controls (ASHC). The built-in programmed maintenance cycle (PMC) technology assures that all display cases remain sweat, frost and ice free. Random-start technology assures that the PMC will cycle at different times on different cases even if there is a loss of power, which is what allows FridgeWize ASHC to save significantly more energy than all other competitors.


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LED Lights and Sensors

LED provides for brighter lighting that lasts 10-20 times longer than conventional light sources. Not only do they run cooler, but they also use 50-90% less energy to create better lighting. LED technology assures sustainable energy savings over the life of the light fixture due to a reduced lighting wattage and heat generation, resulting in a lower utility cost.


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FridgeWize Night Curtains

FridgeWize Night Curtains are a simple and cost effective method to save energy. By simply pulling the cover over your open-air merchandiser applications during non-operating hours, you can realize up to 35% energy savings. The night curtains prevent the displacement of chilled air outside of the case, which reduces the energy usage required to maintain case temperature – extending the shelf life of merchandise. Most importantly, FridgeWize Night Curtains are cost effective with payback periods averaging less than 12 months.


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