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Q Blade Awarded Prestigious Refrigeration Innovation of the Year Award at the 2016 RAC Cooling Industry Awards

FridgeWize has received a crowning achievement this past week – our very own Q Blade was awarded with the prestigious Refrigeration Innovation of the Year Award at the 2016 RAC Cooling Industry Awards.

It is truly rewarding for FridgeWize to receive this recognition from the international community, and provides validation to the effort put forth, to the product, and to everything the Q Blade has made possible in the energy saving world. It inspires us all how such a small piece of equipment is making such a big splash in the world.

It would not be without our entire team’s effort – in educating, implementing and designing the Q blade – that FridgeWize would find itself nominated for such an award. It was my honor to accept the win on behalf of all our employees, agents, clients, and for our FridgeWize Q Blade. A most sincere thank you to the entire FridgeWize team.

We continue as a company to improve our products and advance the energy saving opportunities available. We strive to stay at the cutting edge of reducing the global carbon footprint from this industry, and hope to see our Q Blade in every applicable refrigeration application worldwide.

Congratulations to all the other nominations in this category this year and thank you to RAC for selecting FridgeWize as your winner in 2016, we are truly honored.

Please view the Press Release for more information.

Ryan Grobler
President and CEO, FridgeWize