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Effortless Energy Savings with Oregon Trust

The Oregon Trust is currently offering some incredible incentives for certain energy efficiency retrofits – but only for a limited time. Rebates for refrigeration include[…]

Energy Efficiency Retrofit Financing Made Easy with Con Edison

For businesses in the New York Con Edison service area, which includes New York City and Westchester County, upgrading to more energy efficient HVAC and[…]

Why Retrofit? The Benefits of Equipment Upgrades

For companies operating commercial buildings and infrastructure, one question that commonly arises is – why consider retrofitting existing systems rather than completely replacing equipment? The[…]

AJ and Paul talking with fellow attendees at the NGA Show

The NGA Show 2024 Recap

Another incredible NGA Show is in the books! This was Fridgewize’s second year exhibiting, and it was just as fantastic as our first experience. We[…]

What is a Retrofit?

What is a Retrofit? A retrofit is the strategic upgrade of equipment through replacement of older components with new, more efficient models. Rather than full-scale replacement,[…]