We reduce energy and cost by applying smart technology to electric motors used for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration.

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Efficiency costs less than power generation. Additionally, when compared with other alternatives, FridgeWize’s motor retrofits are going to return your dollar faster than most other energy upgrades across the nation.

Going further, when you see FridgeWize’s products as a form of business investment, comparatively we pay off faster than other ways to invest your money. For example, a robust rate of return is considered 12% on your dollar. That equals to roughly eight years to gain your investment back. FridgeWize fast ROI of roughly two years is just smart money.


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Since our founding in 2010, our products have proven to have some of the fastest Return On Investment of any efficiency retrofits in the market. Both in refrigeration and in HVAC, a motor retrofit package can see an ROI of as little as twelve months. When it’s a little longer – say three years – that is still faster than your average efficiency upgrade ROI.



There are companies that install VFD’s. There are companies that install replacement motors. No one else takes these components plus smart technology to create unique product packages that incorporates the most efficiency technology to move air in your building.

Furthermore, our fan blade - used in our walk-in retrofit product package - is patent-pending technology created and manufactured only by FridgeWize. If you want quiet, efficient, and durable wrapped up in one company – all at competitive pricing - you’ve come to the right place.



The average motor retrofit takes one hour per unit. Yes, you read that right: one hour.

Even when we need a little extra time – such as with our RTU packages – it takes three or less hours.

Finally, these retrofits can be done with your existing HVAC-R contractor. Just let us in the door to train at the beginning of the project, and you can use the people you’ve grown to trust over time to install the equipment if you so choose.