August 23, 2018

Fan Efficiency Ratio: Comparing All Blades Equally

The Department of Energy is working toward a standard of efficiency around the world. In fact, a revolutionary document was prepared by an internationally recognized entity, the Air Movement Control Association. AMCA is an organization devoted to saving energy by developing standards which “encourage responsible application of fans, and drive significant and quantifiable energy savings through energy codes, and industry utility rebate programs which abide by federal regulations. This is accomplished by minimum fan efficiency and design and air flow pressure.

Fan blades are unique. Other appliances with operating efficiency vary significantly in how they are applied. Fan Efficiency Ratio encourages the selection of a blade which is not driven by the initial cost of the blade, but by the overall energy consumption of the unit in which the blade is employed. Much like the introduction of MPG of a car, this ratio demonstrates to everyone that we are considering optimizing our energy savings.

FridgeWize was founded on this very principle. “We are devoted to ensuring that companies are educated on and aware of the fact that they can save money by doing very simple things, specifically retrofitting their business with new energy efficient fan blades. Their current aluminum blades are inefficient and costing them tens of thousands of dollars, making the switch is smart and quickly pays itself back.” said FridgeWize Chief Technology Officer, Charles Seyfert.

Fan Efficiency Ratio allows blades to be compared on equal footing, because it does so by comparing energy consumed. In this way, a CFO will make the best financial decision on both energy savings and dollar savings for their company, finding the FridgeWize Q Blade as their top choice.