RTU-VFD Product Packages

RTU – Advanced Control Packages

The FridgeWize RTU solutions are the only systems that integrate the efficiency of a permanent magnet motor with the efficiency of a variable speed rooftop package control system. Matched motor and drives offer the highest reliability to ensure trouble-free operation for the Roof Top Package Unit (RTU).

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Walk-In Motor & Fan Packages

Walk-in Motor and Fan Packages

Commercial refrigeration accounts for 20% of all energy used in this world. FridgeWize offers a drop-in replacement option for existing evaporator motors for various walk-in coolers.

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Case Motor Retrofits

Case Motor Retrofits

Refrigerated display cases EC motors allow for instant energy reduction vs. the traditional motor designs while meeting Original Equipment Manufacturer motor specifications.

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We reduce energy and cost by applying smart technology to electric motors used for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration.
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When compared with other ways to invest your money, FridgeWize products beat the alternatives.

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Return on Investment under 2 years in most case studies.

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No other HVAC-R-based equipment company provides our technology or product packages, including our patent-pending fan blades.

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Energy conservation has never been so easy. Common retrofits take hours or days, not weeks.

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