Fan Coil and VAV Fan Boxes

Class-A office space and hotels can have up to hundreds of old motors hidden in fan coil and VAV fan box systems that can add up to thousands of wasted energy dollars. FridgeWize offers easy retrofit solutions to these plus other commercial system applications.


  • Energy reductions of 30-40% for hotel room or zoned office space using VAV fan boxes or fan coil units.
  • Systems are much more quiet than older inefficient motors.
  • Motor retrofits extend the life of the systems.
  • Social responsibility bragging rights for your business or hotel with aggressive kWh reductions.
  • FridgeWize EC motors come with an industry standard one-year limited warranty

Pictured: pool motor

FridgeWize has motors for multiple commercial applications; and can assess your equipment for a potential retrofit up to 2,000 h.p.


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