Network Connected Thermostats

Manage your HVAC units with network connected thermostat solutions.

Thermostat technology has become advanced and is redefining the systems that we work with daily. Staying ahead with new technologies will revolutionize energy savings, comfort and take the guesswork out of defined schedules.

The FridgeWize thermostat solution is a cost effective way to manage thermostats across your portfolio.  Set a common policy on your thermostat settings while giving the local site the ability to have temporary over-rides.  Have alerts sent for issues as well as reminders for preventative maintenance.  Easy to implement and scalable for a large portfolio of locations.  Couple this with the FridgeWize energy efficient motor systems for your HVAC system to maximize savings!


  • Local server installed software to manage thermostats across different locations. Cloud access optional.
  • Remotely access and control thermostats to keep standard settings centralized
  • Flexible enough to allow for local temporary over-ride with automatic setback to saved centralized settings
  • Dynamic scheduling to deal with planned special events while not disrupting current weekly schedules
  • Averaging of zone temperatures to reduce cycling of HVAC units. Up to 6 sensors for averaging.
  • Made in the USA!


  • Up to 6 indoor temperature sensors to average zone
  • Up to 6 auxiliary sensors for additional monitoring options
  • Automatic changeover from Heat-to-Cool and Cool-to-Heat
  • Up to 4 independent schedules per day
  • Up to 40 special events for one time events
  • Up to 40 calendar events for pre-programmed schedules
  • Occupancy Sensor Input
  • 2 Digital Inputs for Fault Conditions
  • Commercial Lockout with Programmable Temporary Override with Selectable Length, Start and Return Time
  • Allows for utility integration for Demand Response events


  • Adaptive Recovery for schedules allows systems to achieve desired set-point at the beginning of the schedule while keeping pre-conditioning time to a minimum.
  • Random restart on power up randomly staggers restarts of HVAC system after a power outage to minimize peak in-rush current
  • Reduce User Tampering while Improving Comfort

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