RAF 2020 Rapid Air Filtration


  • More than 99% effective in inactivating many viruses and bacteria
  • Ionizer tested effective against SARS - COV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19)
  • Removes Volatile Organic  Compounds (VOCs)
  • Makes small particles clump together for capture by air filters
  • Helps reduce allergens
  • Ionizer is maintenance free and has a 16-year life expectancy!


  • Fully variable energy efficient permanent magnet AC motor
  • Maximum airflow - 2700 CFM
  • 120V/60Hz with 220V/50Hz available for international locations
  • Two, MERV 13 air filters
  • Integrated needlepoint bi-polar ionizer
  • UL2998 certified ionizer produces no Ozone
  • > 400 million ions/cc/sec produced
  • Maintenance free auto cleaning ionizer
  • Quiet ramp up in speed
  • Casters with lock for easy portability
  • Unit dimensions 32" (w) x 20" (h) x 20" (l)
  • Made in USA - Kansas City, MO

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