Refrigeration Smart Motor Systems

Combining the energy efficient technology of permanent magnet motors to the benefits of a connected cloud, this smart, connected package offers the ultimate solution to monitor the life blood the refrigeration system. This allows the operator to know when there is an issue with the system.


  • Efficient EC motor technology
  • Uses the evaporator motor as a sensor
  • Secure (encrypted) & reliable data transfer
  • Detect motor failures
  • Multiple Customizable Alert Levels
  • Monitor defrost cycles
  • Monitor refrigeration system liquid temperatures
  • Helps reduce ice build-ups
  • Predictive failures on evaporator fan motor
  • Monitor compressor and refrigeration system health
  • Long term AI to learn system performance and trends
  • Ability to change fan performance based on system needs


  • Guaranteed airflow
  • Optimize your system to deliver intended system operation
  • Warranty never expires while using FridgeWize/Regal Beloit service
  • Reduce refrigerated food loss by monitoring system real time
  • Automated temperature checks around the clock
  • Monitoring service to free up staff for other activities
  • Connected cloud can also monitor other systems (HVAC & Lighting)

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