RTU Control Package

An Easy Solution to Monitor RTU Operation and IAQ In Commercial Buildings

To fully leverage the power of our energy efficient RTU solutions, install our monitoring package to help you run your RTU more efficiently. It also has the ability to monitor the indoor environment for IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) to keep the environment safe and as well as providing an environment that can ensure your employee’s productivity.

The monitoring package can help you to not only view how your system is operating, but it can also learn how to manage your system run time more efficiently.

Monitor the air for CO2, harmful VOC’s, temperature, and humidity. This will help diagnose issues that may be existing in your equipment and/or your building.

All these capabilities allows for you to proactively manage your HVAC systems vs. being reactive to issues.


  • Ability to learn and adapt to operation of the RTU’s to maximize efficiency
  • Ability to help diagnose system issues through monitoring key parameters
  • Remotely control your system
  • Affordable, but yet powerful building automation system
  • Continuously evaluates the system to ensure systems are operating as commissioned
  • Control outdoor air mixture to reduce energy consumption while providing building with proper ventilation
  • Better indoor air quality for increased employee performance
  • Be able to diagnose a building IAQ issue before it impacts your customer and/or employees
  • Decreased employee time off (30-35%)


  • Full compatibility with FridgeWize RTU Solution
  • Remote access to view HVAC operation
  • Smartphone remote access to the system
  • Set daily occupied and unoccupied time with degrees of freedom
  • Integrated thermostat and IAQ monitoring station
  • RTU control package can also work with fan powered terminal boxes and damper actuated terminal boxes for additional control and energy savings
  • Predictive control to operate RTU more efficiently
  • All managed via the cloud. No IT systems to support network
  • Demand response capability
  • Fast and easy setup with wireless integration
  • Manage multiple facilities with the same tool
  • Ability to convert a constant volume single zone system into a multi-zone system by adding an optional zone damper solution
  • Optional refrigeration monitoring module
  • Optional temperature and humidity in duct sensors
  • Optional package to integrate lighting control for the building

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