RGA Strategic Partner FridgeWize has Major Announcement

All RGA Members,

Exciting news for our Kansas RGA Members!

The state is now offering cash reimbursements for businesses that reduce their kWh consumption through high-efficiency facility upgrades. This program covers a range of improvements, from LED lighting to energy-efficient motors, making it easier than ever to cut costs and conserve energy.

Missouri already has a program in place and is similar in nature to Evergy’s in Kansas.

Leading the charge locally in Shawnee, Kansas, is an RGA Strategic Partner… FridgeWize (www.fridgewize.com), a trusted HVAC/R retrofitter and trade partner. FridgeWize specializes in transforming outdated, inefficient HVAC and refrigeration systems with high-efficiency motor technology, delivering measurable energy savings.

Here’s how FridgeWize can help:

  • Complimentary Equipment Survey: Their experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your HVAC-R systems to identify potential energy saving and reimbursement opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Report: You’ll receive a detailed report outlining your projected energy savings, dollar savings, cash incentives, and payback periods.
  • Expert Guidance: FridgeWize’s team will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you maximize the benefits of this program and will apply for all incentives on your behalf.

Ready to start saving? Click here to get started with FridgeWize.

Rebates from the Utilities and Potential Lease options makes it easy to save money on your energy bill!

And we all know your energy bill is HUGE!

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your facilities and reduce costs. Get in touch with FridgeWize today!

Note from Jon McCormick:

A few years ago, I asked Ryan Grobler CEO-Fridgewize, to bring into an RGA Board meeting, a condenser for a demo of the Fridgewize proprietary carbon blade fans and the latest technologically advanced motors being used for the Fridgewize installations.

A freezer condenser with two motors and fans were tested for their energy consumption using the original fans and blades.

Then, after replacing the fans and blades with the Fridgewize components the unit was tested again.

The resulting readings: 80% less electricity drawn.

All supermarkets and convenience stores should be looking at this solution.

Saving up to 80% of your energy use is … well…


Don’t forget about the ROOFTOP UNITS. With the 100 degree heat in our region this summer, your AC is running constantly. In the winter your fans are running constantly. “Constantly” burning money!

These need upgraded by Fridgewize as well.

There are many installations across the world, Hawaii and the lower 48. Companies like AMC have installed across all their theatres.

Their consumption is no where near yours.

Here are some of the 100 supermarket retailers that have Fridgewize installations or currently in the process with Fridgewize

Balls Food Stores ….. White’s Food liner

North State Grocers… Bruces Foodland’s

Vincente’s… Straub’s… and Hi Nabor

Consider a survey of your store today!

Jon McCormick, President/CEO, Retail Grocers Association

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