December 10, 2018

Steven Chu, Nobel prizewinner and former Secretary of Energy, once wrote that The quickest and easiest way to reduce our carbon footprint is through energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is not just low-hanging fruit; it is fruit that is lying on the ground.” What does this mean?

The steps needed to improve a building’s energy efficiency aren’t difficult to implement – taking them is like picking fruit that is close to the ground. But the energy (and money) that we’re wasting in the meantime? It’s like fruit that is lying on the ground, about to rot and be wasted.

However, if business owners and facility managers act quickly they can salvage that energy and save a substantial portion of their energy costs. How? It’s as easy as taking these simple steps to prioritize energy conservation.

It’s Time to Take Action

Too often we get caught up in the planning stage of our energy conservation initiatives. Should we install solar panels and generate some of our own power? Should we institute policies designed to curb energy use? We gather information, talk through our options, and then decide to meet again next month and explore potential strategies. In the meantime, that fruit on the ground is rotting!

The time to take action on energy conservation is now, not later. Every delay only wastes more energy and the money we’re using to pay for it. Luckily, there are a few easy, accessible steps we can take to reduce our energy use and save money. The sooner we act, the more we can save. And with these helpful tips, you’ll quickly be on track toward a more energy-efficient future.

How to Prioritize Energy Conservation

Conserving energy shouldn’t feel like a complex equation – it’s really very simple. Some of the recommended steps that businesses can take to immediately decrease their energy use include:

  • Use energy efficient light bulbs: replace standard bulbs with LEDs and enjoy longer bulb life and dramatically lower energy usage. As SunPower explains, “saving a little bit in a lot of places can really add up… Energy-efficient bulbs aren’t just a smart way to lower your electric bill in the short term. Their extended service life will help you save in the long-term, too.”
  • Switch to a “smart” thermostat: programmable thermostats can drastically decrease energy costs by engaging heating and cooling systems only when necessary. Newer models even take the weather into account in order to optimize your energy usage. Conserve Energy Future explains that “keeping your office temperature one degree down during winters and one degree up during summers can reduce the power (you use) by up to 10%.”
  • Upgrade refrigeration and HVAC system components: The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that “in 2017, refrigeration was the largest single use of electricity in the commercial sector,” followed by ventilation and space cooling. Businesses can retrofit outdated motors and fan blades in refrigerators and HVAC systems and increase these system’s efficiency by upwards of 80%! That means massive energy savings.

The Financial Value of Efficiency

As EnergyStar notes, “Energy efficiency investments can pay for themselves by increasing the value of buildings… (which) enjoy lower operating costs and better financing terms.” Each of the suggestions outlined above can make immediate contributions to energy efficiency and result in lower energy costs for facilities of all kinds. Best of all, they can be implemented quickly so those savings aren’t “fruit that is lying on the ground.”

At FridgeWize, we’ve made it easy for facilities to upgrade their refrigeration and HVAC equipment to save power and money. By retrofitting motor and fan blade components (among others), our customers see increases in efficiency that pay for themselves in under two years in most cases! Our specialists will perform a FREE energy audit to recommend products and reliably quantify your energy savings, then handle the installation so you can sit back and enjoy the impact on your bottom line.

Are you ready to take action and prioritize energy conservation? Contact us today to start saving power and money!