FridgeWize initial mission when launching in 2010 was to reduce energy. We talk quite a bit about Return on Investment and kWh reduction, but the big picture is priceless – and that is our children’s - and every generation’s hereafter – future.

kWh Reduction


The Science of Climate Change

The scientific consensus is clear: human activity is pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere through the technological advances launched with the Industrial Age.

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In brief, burning fossil fuels creates greenhouse gas emissions which trap the energy of the sun and turn it into higher temperatures. A warmer globe will lead to a whole host of problems for those that come after us.

The human race, however, now possesses the technology to reduce emissions. One of these new technologies is the often-overlooked motor retrofit.

We are pleased to say that our projects save anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of kWh reduction per project depending on the magnitude.

Social Responsibility and Business

According to Neilson, a global data analytics firm, consumers around the world care more about where they spend their dollars; and they care about climate change. Being able to talk about what your firm is doing to reduce your carbon footprint is important now and will continue to grow in profile. Our turnkey product packages give your establishment bragging rights on this issue that is critical to our - and our planet’s - health and well-being.

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